Service Businesses

Get the POS system that's tailored to your service business,
from payments and revenue reports to business management
and employee scheduling.
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The Right POS for Your Business
  • Run your business from anywhere.
    Whether you're booking appointments, taking payments, or scheduling staff, we help you keep your business buzzing.  No matter where you are.


  • Digital-first and ready to roll.
    Ready to shift from paper to digital?  The Clover Dashboard lets you manage transactions and customer records at the touch of a button.


  • Exceptionally simple to use.
    Clover is designed to feel as familiar and intuitive as your smartphone.  Accepting all payment types is swift and easy, so you can get back to your clients.

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Oversee Your Whole Staff
  • Track employee performance.
    Keep track of service payments to reward your top people; set up team commissions.


  • Set login permissions.
    Control who can access sensitive data like financial statements.


  • Manage appointments.
    Schedule appointments for staff and customers alike.  Anticipate busy times on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and plan your employees' shifts accordingly.

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Service Your Customers Will Love
  • Connect with your clients.

    You've got great relationships with your regulars.  Deepen those connections with our customer engagement apps - built right in.

  • Look sharp and move fast.
    Sleek design.  Fast, secure payments.  Intuitive software.  Makes an impression your clients won't soon forget.


  • Send targeted promotions.
    Run promotions, offers, and discounts via text or email.  You can even display special offers along the bottom of printed or digital receipts.

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Don't Miss Another Sale
  • All the ways they want to pay.
    Credit or debit.  Contactless or mobile.  Gift card or check.  Digital wallet including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and more.


  • Take payments anywhere.
    On the road, in the office, or at your client's location, in person or over the phone - never miss another sale.  Clover devices have battery backup.  Flex and Mini have LTE built in so your business is always on.


  • Solid and reliable.
    On the job or in the office, Clover's got your back.  Our devices are rugged and secured end-to-end, backed by a stable, world-class payments network.

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Tools to Energize Your Business

The Clover ecosystem is a platform, much like your phone.  It comes standard with the basic applications necessary to run your business.  However, when you require more than just credit card processing, it’s time
to turn to the Clover App Market.  Sync with best-in-class third party apps to cover all your business needs.

Popular Apps for Retail Businesses

Create invoices right in your
Clover POS system


Schedule employees and help them manage their time

Gift Cards Icon.png
Gift Cards

Full-color, customizable gift cards that can be loaded with any value 

Promos Icon.png

Keep customers coming back
with real-time promos

Rewards Icon.png

Create a simple, custom loyalty program within minutes

Appointments Pro Icon.png
Appointments Pro

Manage your calendar for staff and customers alike

Gusto Icon.png

Manage payroll, benefits and HR

Pointy Icon.png

Help your business and services appear higher in local search results

Quickbooks Icon.png
QuickBooks Sync

Automatically transfer your
sales into QuickBooks

Commissions Icon.png

Create commission structures and run reports for each employee

Feedback Icon.png

Hear directly from customers
and find out what they love

Customers Icon.png

View customer information and transaction history