Retail Businesses

Run your entire shop on a single smart POS system
designed to streamline your operations.
Manage Your Inventory
  • Create SKUs and variants.
    Keep track of your items with separate SKUs for variants like "Color" or "Size" - or any other variant you need.


  • Get low-stock alerts.
    Never miss a sale again because you're out of stock.  Clover will notify you when your inventory is running low.


  • Add and update items.
    Scan and instantly add to or update your inventory with a barcode scanner.

Oversee Your Whole Staff
  • Know who sells the most.
    Keep track of sales numbers to reward your top people; set up team commissions.


  • Set login permissions.
    Control who can access sensitive data like financial statements.


  • Schedule team shifts.
    Anticipate busy times on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and plan your employees' shifts accordingly.

Keep Customers Coming Back
  • Send targeted promotions.
    Run promotions, offers, and discounts via text or email.  You can even display special offers along the bottom of printed or digital receipts.


  • Launch a robust rewards program.
    Turn one-time customers into loyal fans with special deals that only unlock with repeat visits.


  • Get feedback directly from your customers.
    Give your customers a simple way to share their feedback quickly and privately so you can improve your business.


  • Offer and accept gift cards.
    With Clover gift cards, you can offer digital or physical gift cards and boost your revenue.

Easier Payments and Exchanges
  • Display order totals.
    Allow customers to see their total during checkout.


  • All the ways they want to pay.
    Credit or debit.  Contactless or mobile.  Gift card or check.  Digital wallet including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and more.


  • Take payments worry-free.
    Internet down?  Power down?  No worries.  Clover devices have battery backup.  Flex and Mini have LTE built in so your business is always on.


  • Process returns fast.
    Your Clover system runs your refunds fast, even on orders with multiple payments.  An app lets you offer store credit.

Tools to Energize Your Business

The Clover ecosystem is a platform, much like your phone.  It comes standard with the basic applications necessary to run your business.  However, when you require more than just credit card processing, it’s time
to turn to the Clover App Market.  Sync with best-in-class third party apps to cover all your business needs.

Popular Apps for Retail Businesses
Easy Labels

Print barcodes, price, unit, and names on labels for each product


Schedule employees and help them manage their time

Gift Cards

Full-color, customizable gift cards that can be loaded with any value 


Keep customers coming back
with real-time promos


Create a simple, custom loyalty program within minutes

Online Store

Easily design an online store synchronized with your inventory


Manage payroll, benefits and HR


Help your store and products appear higher in local search results

QuickBooks Sync

Automatically transfer your
sales into QuickBooks


Advanced inventory, ordering
and sales history

Tip Pooling

Let your team split a
day's gratuities

Coupons N Combos

Create any combo, discount, or coupon combination imaginable



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