Quick Service Restaurants

Get the restaurant Point of Sale system that takes orders
and payments as fast as your customers expect.
Keep the Lines Moving
  • Fast ordering.
    Fire orders the moment they are placed, whether in-house, takeout, or delivery.


  • Print orders in multiple languages.
    Have multilingual staff?  Send orders to your kitchen in multiple languages to keep things moving.

  • Let customers complete transactions.
    Your customers can take care of their own payments while you focus on preparing orders.

Connect Front & Back of House
  • Make orders more precise.
    Customize orders with descriptive modifiers like "extra cheese" or "sauce on the side".  Plus, link the right orders to the right guests.


  • Fire orders on the spot.
    Fire orders to your kitchen the moment they're placed - and change them even after they're fired.


  • Keep your lines of communication humming.
    Include special customer requests in order notes.

Build Lasting Relationships
  • Create targeted promotions.
    Create customer profiles and send promos via text, email, and even printed on your receipts.


  • Turn one-time diners into loyal fans.
    Give customers multiple ways to earn rewards and discounts - and multiple ways to enjoy them.


  • Don't forget gift cards.
    Offer and accept custom-branded gift cards, physical as well as digital.  Customers can redeem right on their smartphones.


  • Get direct feedback.
    Don't wait to hear comments on social media.  Engage with your customers one-on-one, through your Clover system.

Streamline Payments
  • Split the bill.
    Split it the way your guests desire: by guest, item, or custom amount.  No limitations, no conditions, no hassle.


  • All the ways they want to pay.
    Credit or debit.  Contactless or mobile.  Gift card or check.  Digital wallet, including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and more.


  • Take payments worry-free.
    Internet down?  Power down?  No worries.  Clover devices have battery backup.  Flex and Mini have LTE built in so your business is always on.

Tools to Energize Your Business

The Clover ecosystem is a platform, much like your phone.  It comes standard with the basic applications necessary to run your business.  However, when you require more than just credit card processing, it’s time
to turn to the Clover App Market.  Sync with best-in-class third party apps to cover all your business needs.

Popular Apps for Quick Service Restaurants
Up Sell & Cross Sell

Automatic prompts encourage up sell and cross sell opportunities.


Schedule employees and help them manage their time

Gift Cards

Full-color, customizable gift cards that can be loaded with any value 


Keep customers coming back
with real-time promos


Create a simple, custom loyalty program within minutes

Happy Hour

Offer discounts by time periods and days of the week


Manage payroll, benefits and HR


Create a free, branded ecommerce site for your restaurant

Order Kiosk

Let customers order and pay directly on a Clover device


Advanced inventory, ordering
and sales history

Tip Pooling

Let your team split a
day's gratuities

Coupons N Combos

Create any combo, discount, or coupon combination imaginable



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